Winter Winners

Back in our junior school days, we’d be given essays to write on “My Favourite Season” and I remember how winter would come easy to me simply because it was my birthday month. Funny how the innocent, infant mind functions. There was no other reason to prefer winter as a season, really.

As a Bengali kid, I’d always have to bear the brunt of an overprotective parent trying to cover me up with all kinds of woollens – sweaters, cardigans, scarves, socks, and only sometimes, Bengal’s all time favourite, monkey caps! Even though mum always made sure I looked cute and fashionable, it is quite off-putting now as it was then, to bury myself into tons of winter wear looking like a bear suffering from gluttony.

Therefore, this winter I wanted to reach out to all those people who have always disliked wearing a zillion layers of clothing to beat the chills. So I decided to mix and match a few outfits from my wardrobe to style three solid looks.

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Sawasdee Ka!

Two years back when I was asked by a college interviewer about my take on fashion blogging, I did not have much to offer as a reply. I was completely oblivious of this emerging trend, let alone considering taking it up professionally. It was only when my friends and family started pushing me to start a blog of my own that I decided to put my head into this.

Dressing up and looking fashionable has always been a part of me. Ever since I was a child, I’d get praised for my pretty dresses and matching accessories. As I was starting out, I had very little idea that the fashion blogging industry had gained such widespread popularity. It excited me no end to see that fashion had found such expression in the world of e-journals.

I’ve had two posts up on my blog before this but they did not have a lot to do with me. I wasn’t really stumbling upon the best opportunity to venture into personal style blogging and it was at this point I decided to join the dots – Travelling and fashion go hand in hand. Travelling is so much about what you’re wearing. I bet we all take a considerable amount of time out to select our clothes, pick and choose the hot ones as soon as a trip is planned. Looking good and in place with the surroundings is as important as visiting those places.

My family decided to go holidaying on the beautiful beaches of Phuket and Krabi this summer. Thus, I grabbed this opportunity and started to picture this post in my head as soon as the plan was made!

The shopping was done, the clothes were picked and successfully flaunted on our 8 day tour to the beautiful islands of Thailand. It was a memorable holiday full of adventure, fun, shopping and great street food. Now that I’m back, I have put together all the photos for you to see. Here we go, readers!¬† Continue reading

The Diary Of A Rebellion

I usually have a lot to say about everything related to fashion and so I thought having a blog would be the best way to put my love for it into words and at the same time share it with the world.

I had my first post up very early and from thereon in, I’ve been pondering hard and long over my next post. It was more difficult than I initially perceived it to be. It was almost like I conspired against myself.¬†Thoughts creative and and not-so creative muddled up in my head as I decided to take an untimely nap. Suddenly then, my phone rang and a tad bit irritated, I took the call without checking the name.

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